Wednesday Beaver Programme

A standard Wednesday Beaver night starts at 6.15pm and finishes at 7.15pm. A night at Beavers consists of games, badge work, more games and most importantly…FUN!  If Wednesdays don’t suit have a look at our Monday Beavers.

This pages shows a basic outline of our plans for this session.

Weekly Programme –

23/01/2019Games NightFirst night back - introduce new Beavers and games night
30/01/2019Animal FriendIntroduce badges for this term and discuss looking after pets.
06/02/2019Animal FriendDiscussion on endangered animals and how they have looked after their pets
27/02/2019Builder Badge6.15 - Riverbanks 6.20 - Skittle game 6.30 - Explain builder badge. Beavers are requirement to build a model from recycleable materials. Draw & decide which items required. 7.00 - Explorer Game 7.15 - Home
06/03/2019Builder BadgeF6.15 - Riverbanks 6.20 - recyclable relay race 6.30 - Build model using recyclable items 7.00 - Explorer Game 7.15 - Home
13/03/2019Global IssuesWater talk and make own water filter
20/03/2019Global IssuesDiscussion on ways to save energy and water games
27/03/2019Animal FriendVisit from Animal Man
17/04/2019Easter Egg HuntFirst night back after the holidays. Welcome out new Beavers. Games and Easter Egg Hunt!
24/04/2019Hollywood Bowl
01/05/2019Outdoors ChallengeStarting our Outdoors Challenge badge by learning some knots.
15/05/2019Outdoors ChallengeWorking on crafts using natural materials.
22/05/2019Outdoors ChallengeBird feeders activity.
29/05/2019Outdoors Challenge Joint night with Monday Beavers completing our Outdoors challenge badge with a wide game and camp fire songs.
05/06/2019Communicator Badge
12/06/2019Communicator Badge
17/06/2019Last night - Rock n RollerJoint night.

Camps and Events –

Start dateEventsExtra details
15/06/2019Group Camp 2019
17/06/2019Rock n Roller