Typical Thursday (Session Plan)

A Scout night starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9.30. A night at Scouts consists of games, badge work, more games and most importantly…FUN!  At the end of the night there is a tuck shop.

This pages shows a basic outline of our plans for this session.

Weekly Programme –

22/08/2019Teamwork/Games Night38 Scouts and 3 leaders were in attendance, with 8 moving up from cubs. Games, teamwork night...cant believe that 3 scouts from Tiger Patrol all hit the ball off the cone...and all took chocolate giving up a total of 90 points....not much team-bonding there! Then we did a chat on what they did over summer..Raven was Duty Patrol. Hawk patrol winners on the night with 65 points.
29/08/2019Environmental Badge - Gary36 Scouts and 4 leaders. Eagle was Duty Patrol. Mark unfurled the flag (APL). One round of time bomb which Cameron won for his Patrol. We started the Environmental Badge. The Patrols were all given a ‘waste’ topic and had to come up with a poster and if possible a slogan to go with it. The 7 ‘topics’ were: glass; garden waste; cardboard; plastic; tin cans; general waste; & food waste. One even come up with a song! They then had an Environmental quiz. Hawk were the winning Patrol. Eagle did the “water seller” sketch and “Johnny was a paratrooper” song. Mark lowered the flag and said a prayer.
05/09/2019Kyle's Night41 scouts 4 leaders. Tiger was Duty Patrol. It was Kyle's Chief Scout Gold programme. Games were dodge ball, chalk rugby, section - off the hall dodgy ball game, the stave game with some improvised bamboo canes...and they finished with a quiz. New uniform crates were given out and the Scouts were reminded to take better care of these than the last ones!
12/09/2019DIY Badge - Part 1 - Jordan's night38 Scouts and 5 leaders. Jordan's DIY programme. Hawk was duty patrol and Sam unfurled the flag. Jordan provided plywood, broken tiles and grout for the Patrols to create their own mural with their Patrol name (photos should be on Facebook this weekend). They then played molecules and time-bomb. Hawk did the execution sketch, sang 'this is a repeat after me' song and Sam said a prayer. Eagle was the winning Patrol. Scouts were reminded that this Tuesday coming is the Kandersteg 2022 meeting at 7:30 pm.
19/09/2019Alex's Night39 Scouts and 4 leaders in attendance. Wolf was duty Patrol. Livvy unfurled the flag. Three rounds of dodge ball were won by three different Patrols - Hawk, Wolf & Lion. Then Scouts were given a variety of ropes and staves to attempt to make knots (from paper diagrams). They then played Time Bomb, Then had a game of bingo based on map landmarks. Wolf did the 'Johnny was a paratrooper' song and the 'wee' sketch. Livvy said a prayer and lowered the flag. Hawk was the winning Patrol. Scouts were reminded about Saturday's District Fun Day at Drumpelier Park and that Kandersteg information will follow this weekend from Gary.
26/09/2019Games night31 Scouts and 3 leaders. Lion was duty Patrol. Old games played - chair relay, 4 section tag ball and flying doughnut. Scouts helped to put away the equipment form the District Fun Day. Hawk was the winning Patrol. Lion did the 'ugly man' sketch and the 'purple soup' sketch.
03/10/2019Lawrence's night41 Scouts and 3 leaders in attendance. It was Lawrence's programme to help him work towards the Chief Scout Gold Award. Raven was duty patrol so Ewan unfurled the flag. The Scouts played dodge-ball; had a 4-corners quiz based on Scotland (no winners)!; tying the knot relay; & ballons-tied-to-leg game. Lion was the winning Patrol. Raven did the 'jumping off a cliff' sketch and sang the 'bananas of the world' song.
10/10/2019Hollywood Bowl bowling
24/10/2019Mark's Night
31/10/2019Hallowe'en Party
07/11/2019Daniel's Night
14/11/2019Environmental Badge - Part 2 - Gary
21/11/2019Retro Board Games Night
28/11/2019Christmas Crafts Night
05/12/2019Big Quiz Night
12/12/2019Christmas Dinner

Camps and Events –

Start dateEventsExtra details
11/10/2019Autumn Camp
09/11/2019Poppy selling
10/11/2019Remembrance Sunday
06/12/2019Group Pantomime 2019
10/12/2019District Christmas Carol Service
12/06/2020Group Summer Camp 2020