Typical Thursday (Session Plan)

A Scout night starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9.30. A night at Scouts consists of games, badge work, more games and most importantly…FUN!  At the end of the night there is a tuck shop.

This pages shows a basic outline of our plans for this session.

Weekly Programme –

13/09/2018Teamwork games - Gary39 Scouts and 3 leaders attended. Our six former-cubs were introduced to their new patrols and there was - as always - a re-jig for some as new Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders were appointed. Congratulations to them. Several rounds of dodgeball were followed by some team-building games involving hula hoops, A4 paper and scissors. Let's just say that the younger Scouts were better at the Hula games than there older rivals - the noise of victory from those Scouts showed they were in it to win it! Hawk was the first winners of the season and Raven Patrol did the journalist sketch and sang 'bananas of the world' and their Patrol Leader Ewan lowered the flag and said a prayer,
20/09/2018Chief scout - Poppy/Libby35 Scouts and 4 Leaders. Eagle was duty Patrol and Kyle unfurled the flag. Games included Swedish Long-ball, Arms Race, Molecules. Eagle's sketch was 'I need a wee!' and sang 'The repeat after me' song. Kyle said a prayer & lowered the flag. Lion was the winning Patrol with 68 points.
27/09/2018Wil Indian evening37 Scouts and 3 Leaders attended. Tiger was Duty Patrol and Andrew unfurled the flag. It was Indian night. The Scouts played Time-bomb (tallest and shortest), followed by dodgeball (tallest v shortest). The Scouts completed a multiple choice quiz on India and each team scored between 40 and 55 points. They got to taste a wide array of Indian food. Hawk was the winning Patrol. Tiger did the Russian Gulag sketch and the 'Bananas of the world' song. Hawk was the winning Patrol. Tiger did the Russian Gulag sketch and the 'Bananas of the world' song. 90+ Badges were handed out. Andrew said a prayer and lowered the flag. Scouts were asked to encourage our winnings-x who go ahead to the National Finals this weekend.
04/10/2018Chief scout - Oliver/Andrew36 Scouts and 4 Leaders attended Andrew W and Oliver's planned night. Cobra was duty Patrol and Libby unfurled the flag. 4 new games were played. I think the boys will have sore throats this morning from trying to control and organise 34 of their peers. Not easy but well done to them. Lion was the winning Patrol. Cobra's sketch was Roll up, roll up and their song was 'Bananas of the world'.
11/10/2018Pizza/movie night36 Scouts and 4 Leaders attended to watch The Lego Movie and eat pizza. Badges were given out to the last of those who missed out in previous weeks. Scouts were reminded of both their own Hallowe'en Party and the Fundraisers' Hallowe'en Party.
25/10/2018Halloween party
01/11/2018Chief scout - Kerry/Holly
08/11/2018Alex programme
15/11/2018Chief scout - Ryan/Barry
22/11/2018Christmas Crafts
29/11/2018Christmas Quiz - scout choice award
13/12/2018Christmas Dinner

Camps and Events –

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