Typical Thursday (Session Plan)

A Scout night starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9.30. A night at Scouts¬†consists of games, badge work, more games and most importantly…FUN! ¬†At the end of the night there is a tuck shop.

This pages shows a basic outline of our plans for this session.

Weekly Programme –

24/08/2017Games Night7 Cubs moved up and were integrated into six different Patrols. The Scouts played 3 different games where they had to talk to those around them to get into Forename-order (alphabetically); school-order (alphabetically); & age order (youngest to oldest). All went quite well, but the 'Saints' Primary school Scouts got a bit mixed up and the October-born Scouts were in the wrong place. A good first effort.
31/08/2017Arts & Crafts Night41 Scouts were given tin foil, pipe cleaner, glue, sellotape, pens, coloured paper, lollipop sticks & a toilet roll holder and were asked to create a farmyard and something to do with their Patrol name. Cobra were the winners and were awarded 70 points for their efforts - pictures should appear on Facebook shortly.
07/09/2017Wil's NightWil's Programme Night, Tiger were Duty, Andrew W unfurled the flag. 40 Scouts played Molecules - which April won for 20 points for Raven, Then it was Jump-the-river and both Caleb for Lion and Aaron for Cobra shared first place and 10 points for their patrols, The Scouts were then separated into ten groups of 4 to play 'common ground', where the 'fours' had to come up with something they had in common - this was with peers they may never had even spoken to before. We got the following responses: Favourite school subject - science; favourite school subject maths; football; been on over-8-hour plane flights; apples; dogs; have read Harry Potter; are Scottish; all have a middle name; all going to District Camp; all went to AJ17; all watch YOUTUBE; all have baked a cake; all are swimmers; all have been abroad; all watch Rick & Morty; all can speak une petit peu du Francais; all have a sibling; all have pets; & all like pizza, They were then split into two lines of 20 - sitting down and holding hands, they played the Pulse game, with one side winning 5 - 1. They were then challenged to take on a new hobby for the next 3 months and discuss this on the night of Thursday 7 December - to obtain the Hobbies Badge, They were then given information on the visit to the Police College on 21 September and were advised that they were going to be working on the Fire Safety Activity Badge when the Fire Brigade bring a Fire Engine to the hall on the evening of Thursday 28 September.
14/09/2017Games Night/camp organisation38 Scouts attended. Hawk were duty Patrol. Eve unfurled the flag. The Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders were tasked with Mark F - supported by other Leaders: Bruce, Lauren & Gayle -into organise all of the equipment needed for this weekend's District Camp at Lapwing Lodge. The remaining Leaders, Wil, Mark J & Alex organised the evening's games. Cobra completely dominated every game and won on the night by the biggest margin ever and for the fourth week in a row!!! Is anyone going to stop them winning this year's Team Trophy?
21/09/2017Police College41 Scouts, 9 parents and 5 leaders attended the Police College at Jackton in East Kilbride. Sergeant Paul Reilly (whose son is a former 2CB Scout/Explorer), was our host as we were given an interactive tour of the facility. The Scouts got to wear riot gear and take part in a pretend riot control situation. They were then given the chance to get in-and-about a large police van - all adult ears were hurting with the volume of noise from the sirens!! They were then given riot shields to test and make a defensive wall-of-shields. We then went to the booking-in room and then onto the court to have a mock trial or two (rather rowdy and the 'judges' struggled to handle the crowd - even with the use of their banging gavel!! Then it was off to the shop and pub to pretend they were dealing with robbers.
28/09/2017Fire Safety NightWolf were Duty Patrol. Katie unfurled the flag. 32 Scouts attended. Coatbridge Fire Service sent a Fire engine (their largest, ladder-loaded one) to the hall. It was too big to get into the car park, so it reversed up to the gates of the hall. The Scouts were shown around the Fire Engine and given a guided tour of it by the Fire Commander Mark and his team, They fed back that our Scouts were well-behaved and asked interesting questions. The Scouts were then given a fire safety quiz which Wolf won. Over 40 badges were given out tonight. Cobra would have won had there not been carry-on in their Patrol, so this week's winners ended up being the duty Patrol Wolf. Wolf did the water-out-of-a-machine sketch and sang "Hello, my name's Joe." Katy lowered the flag and said a prayer.
05/10/2017Fire Safety's Night 2Lion were duty Patrol so Caleb unfurled the flag. 41 Scouts attended. They played bean bag noughts and crosses. The Scouts were then all asked to draw a plan of their house, to show all exits (doors and windows) as well as smoke alarms, heat alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. All made a good effort and some were very detailed. Mark F then gave a talk on a little history of fire and how things have changed with fire safety in the house. Mark J then asked questions of all of the Scouts on all aspects of the criteria of the Fire Safety Badge. Multiple hands were raised to answer all questions and we got some great answers. They then played dodgeball and murderball. Cobra won again.
12/10/2017Pizza/movie NightRaven were duty Patrol and Josh unfurled the flag. 36 Scouts were in attendance and enjoyed watching most of Guardians of the Galaxy. The Scouts were treated to a variety of pizzas, potato slices with dups, popcorn (courtesy of Kyle's mum & dad) and soft drinks. At the end of the evening, 5 new Scouts were invested - Harry, Luca, Ben, Kevin & Dean
26/10/2017Hallowe'en PartyRaven were Duty again as little was done as a duty patrol 2 weeks before. Josh unfurled the flag.
02/11/2017Mark F's NightMark F's night. Cobra were duty patrol. The 38 Scouts in attendance played games and created Patrol Fireworks Safety rules. They also built chariots out of staves and ropes and raced them.
09/11/2017Italian Cooking NightEagle were duty patrol. 38 Scouts and 4 leaders. All Scout Patrols were given a pizza and toppings to make their own pizza. They were given a bowl of pasta to taste and eat. They had to build their own (leaning) tower out of hard spaghetti and marshmallows. They then took part in an Italian-themed quiz which Harry McGuire won, gaining 10 points for his patrol. 77 Badges were then given out to those in attendance.
16/11/2017Mark J's Night34 Scouts were in attendance and Tiger were duty Patrol. Amy's birthday so a cake with candles was brought out.
23/11/2017Christmas Crafts Night38 Scouts attended and made up over 60 hampers for Saturday's Christmas Fayre. Beaver Leaders helped the Scouts finish off their hampers. A large mess tent was erected to house this year's Christmas Santa Claus Grotto.
30/11/2017Games and Scout Choice Night38 Scouts and 3 Leaders. Lion were duty Patrol and Caleb unfurled the flag. Last games night and chance to gain points for their Patrols. Mark F reminded Scouts about the Panto, Quiz Night and Xmas Prize-giving and Dinner. Wil reminded the Scouts about the Hobby badge and what's needed for next week. Numerous games were played and Hawk were the winners. Aaron was invested and badges were given out to Leo, Calum & Josh. Voting was carried out for Scout of the Year - all Scouts were given a voting slip to vote for a first and a second-best Scout.
07/12/2017Xmas Quiz Night/Hobbies Badge work40 Scouts and 5 leaders. Raven were on duty. Over 30 Scouts provided a talk on their new hobbies, providing photos, items and some playing their new musical instruments. Alex our young leader provided a masterclass on the electric guitar - just showing what can be done with practice, practice, practice. There followed the Big Christmas Quiz - 7 rounds including 2 music rounds. Al troops were invited to carry out a sketch and Ross McGillivray was belatedly awarded his latest three badges.
14/12/2017Christmas Dinner/Prize-giving

Camps and Events –

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14/12/2017Christmas Dinner/Prizegiving