Typical Thursday (Session Plan)

A Scout night starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9.30. A night at Scouts consists of games, badge work, more games and most importantly…FUN!  At the end of the night there is a tuck shop.

This pages shows a basic outline of our plans for this session.

Weekly Programme –

17/01/2019Games night/team-building
24/01/2019Burns Night28 Scouts and 3 leaders in attendance for Burns Night. Anyone with something tartan or Scottish got bonus points for their patrol. The Scouts played Haggis Bomb (Lion won that). Each Patrol was given six Scottish words and had to come up with a poem - Raven were best and you can see their poem on our Facebook page shortly. Raven also won the Rabbie Burns quiz. The Scouts were then treated to Haggis, tatties & neeps, washed down with Irn Bru and a pudding of shortbread! Each Patrol then selected a member to read a verse from Burns' "Address to a Haggis" - not easy and well done to the 7 who did the readings. Hawk was the winning Patrol.
31/01/2019Wil's night
07/02/2019Chinese New YearScouts celebrated Chinese New Year tonight. Enjoyed a fun packed night, Chinese Football, chop stick dodge ball, Chinese quiz and all finished of with some Chinese food all washed down with Chinese ginger....well Irn bru. Ggggreat fun.
14/02/2019Gary's night24 Scouts and 4 Leaders in attendance. Wolf was Duty Patrol. 3 rounds of Dodge Ball; Jump The River; Relay word creation.
21/02/2019Founder's Day27 Scouts and 4 Leaders. Lion was duty patrol. Founder's Day 'evening'. Various games and events to celebrate Founder's day. Including a Scout from each Patrol getting up to relate the story of Baden Powell's journey into starting the Scouts. Tiger was the winning Patrol by a single point. Lion did the 'weeeee' sketch and 'banans of the world' song.
28/02/2019Mark's night27 Scouts and 4 Leaders for Mark's night. Raven was duty patrol. Euan unfurled the flag. Several games were played and Lion won by a mile!
07/03/2019Pancake nightCobra was duty Patrol. 32 Scouts and 5 leaders in attendance. James unfurled the flag. Played Chinese football, bean-bag hockey, Chinese whispers with actions, electric shock game. Scouts then had pancakes with a variety of toppings and finished the night off with a game of Pancake port & starboard. James said a prayer and lowered the flag.
14/03/2019Alex's night24 Scouts and 4 leaders attended Alex's night. Tiger was duty Patrol. Fraser unfurled the flag. Dodge ball, bean bag game and time bomb. Uniform badge placing game and campfire safety quiz. Lion got the most points. Tiger and Cobra did their sketch and songs. Fraser said a prayer and lowered the flag.
21/03/2019Topsy turvy night
28/03/2019Bowling night
18/04/2019First Aid badge
25/04/2019Italian night
02/05/2019Hobbies night badge work
09/05/2019Firelighting and axe n saw
16/05/2019Mystery Tour
23/05/2019Game show night 1
30/05/2019Game show night 2
13/06/2019Badge work

Camps and Events –

Start dateEventsExtra details
22/03/2019Scout Camp
26/04/2019practice camp for District
10/05/2019District Competition
14/06/20192CB Group Camp