Typical Thursday (Session Plan)

A Scout night starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9.30. A night at Scouts consists of games, badge work, more games and most importantly…FUN!  At the end of the night there is a tuck shop.

This pages shows a basic outline of our plans for this session.

Weekly Programme –

18/01/2018First Night Back - CANCELLEDFirst Night Back cancelled due to adverse weather conditions
25/01/2018First Night Back - Burns Night43 Scouts and 5 Leaders in attendance. Cobra were duty Patrol. Two games of dodgeball and one game of Murderball. The Scouts were all given 5 Scottish-themed words and had to come up with a 10-line poem to reflect those words. Wolf's was the best and got 21 Points, with Eagle bringing up the rear with 3 points. The poems were as follows: Raven: I wis sitting there with haggis, neeps, tatties in hand. Me mam says "ah weesht that tongue." A pulled up me breaks. We went to Dundee and I said: "Can I get a castle when I'm an adult?" Me mammy says"you don't have tae be an adult, yae can have one noo." Cobra: Sitting on ma bahookie, I drank a bottle of whisky, Up at Falkirk Wheel, I drank a bottle of whisky, Dancing feeling Skye high, I drank a bottle of whisky,, Wearing my kilt feeling proud, I drank a bottle of whisky, This is the end, Happy Burns Night, Now drink a bottle of whisky." Eagle: It was a terribly dreich day, so I jumped out the windae, I saw a guy playing the bagpipes, he wasn't really my type ay? There was some Kelpies, they had a bad case of the belpies, So I went North to find the Forth, & that's what I did today. Tiger: I was walking down the Clyde, thinking about Rabbie Burns going down a slide, He was wearing a tartan kilt & drinking Irn Bru, A man walked by, looking like a dilt, with a beastie in his hands, and shouted: "We're Scottish through and through!!" Hawk: I was once a wee bairn, now I'm a grown man in a pub, It's Robbie Burns night and I'm eating some haggis, boy that's some good grub, When I was a boy n feeling down, I went to Loch Ness, When my da was a mess, I knew what to do, I'd go outside and feed a Highland Coo, Ken what made me happy got me out the pub. Wolf: Ah hae a wee dug his name is Ben, He often plays in his den, He loves the rain and his chewed-up coo, when you squish it, it goes moo! Ah hae a wee dug his name is Ben - chases round the hen, When we have dinner and me food is awfy raw, he's always there, saving me from me angry mam, his special, favourite dinner is haggis, neeps and tatties, that's why I love my wee dug! Lion: Me and ma da often go on trips, we usually go to the Hydro, but sometimes to the River Tay, Today we went to the lauldy festival, everyone there looked timerous but when you had a drink or two, you really gie it lauldy. Two Scouts from each Patrol had to stand in front of everyone and one had to read out their Patrol's poem and the other had to recite six lines of Tam O'Shanter by Rabbie Burns. A great effort by all fourteen of them.
01/02/2018Chinese New Year35 Scouts and 5 Leaders. Eagle was duty Patrol and Kyle unfurled the flag. Chinese New Year themed night. The Scouts were asked to bring in anything Chinese-themed: Katie was a Geisha girl, Matthew made a Chinese lantern and made a year of the dog outfit; Oliver suggested entering the Chinese names for the Patrols on the Board; Jack brought in pictures of Taiwan and metal chopsticks; Fraser brought in chopsticks and a bowl, Luke brought in chopsticks; Libby brought in books about travelling to China and a special gift her dad received for working in China in 2007; Daniel brought in a Chinese menu and his name written in Chinese; James and Andrew W brought in items 'made in China'; & Andrew Tubey brought in words he'd written in Chinese. a great effort. The Scouts were then asked to carry out a Chinese whisper and Eagle were the best at this. The Chinese whispers were: The giant, black octopus hid underneath the coral watching its next victim; The baby panda sat in the sunshine eating bamboo in Edinburgh Zoo; The colourful rainbow appeared from behind the dark, cloudy sky; Humpty Dumpty lay on the green grass at the bottom of the wall; The red dragon breathed bright orange fire on to the forest below; The tall towers of the Great Wall of China stretch for miles; & The big ferocious ogre liked to eat chicken curry with diluted orange. The Scouts were then treated to noodles, rice, chicken, various sauces, ribs, sesame toast and pancake rolls. They then took part in a quiz on China & Wolf won that. Overall Wol were the winners on the night with 76 points. The Scouts were reminded about camps and were told there'd be 5 nights where they'll be out of the hall this half-year. The double-figure of 'thirteen-year-olds' were advised that they can go forward for the Chief Scout Gold Award and to let us know by next week if they are interested.
08/02/2018Chief Scouts Badge Work35 Scouts and 3 leaders attended. 12 Scouts put themselves forward for the Chief Sout Gold Award. A lot of work required by each and every one of them over the next 10 months - but well worth it!! The remaining Scouts played runaround whilst the Gold-12 were being prepped by Gary. The Scouts were then working on arts and crafts and were given a variety of craft materials to create: a dragon; a flower; a hedgehog; a plate of food; their Patrol animal; & a colourful picture of their Patrol name. Cobra won the most points. Tiger completed sketch (gesundheit), song (banana) & prayer. Cobra were clear winners with 68 points (14 clear). The Scouts going to Auchengillan this weekend were reminded to make their own way there and to bring lots of layers. They were advised that their leaders would be Stuart, Bruce, Mark J & Gayle. Andrew W lowered the flag.
15/02/2018Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Night35 Scouts and 4 Leaders. Hawk was Duty Patrol. Poppy unfurled the flag. The Scouts going for their Gold Award were taken away by Gary and asked what they were going to set themselves for their challenge Badge. They were also all challenged with bringing along a new: sketch; song; and game, over the course of the rest of this year. The remaining Scouts played two games of runaround where Tiger & Raven scored best. The Scouts were then given a Pancake Quiz. Hawk & Lion scored best with 7 out of 10. The Scouts were all given the chance to eat pancakes and crumpets - covered in hazelnut/chocolate spread, peanut butter, jams and syrup. Hawk did two sketches and a new song/dance - the Macarena. Poppy said a prayer and lowered the flag.
22/02/2018Founder's Day/Mark F's night5 Leaders and 38 Scouts attended Mark F's Thinking Day Programme night. Wolf was duty Patrol. The Scouts played dodgeball - Caleb won for Lion. The Scouts were then challenged with a memory game where they were shown the contents of a table for 30 seconds and had to write down the 20 items - Wolf won it. They then had to trace answers to Scout question on Baden-Powell, which were peppered on the walls around the hall, Tiger won that. Scouts had then to stand up one by one and tell us why they joined Scouts and why they like Scouts. They played a game of 'eat the cream crackers' and they had to do this one by one until all of the team had eaten a cracker. The Scouts Patrol Leaders then had to come up one by one and read out a paragraph all about Baden-Powell. The last game was the Stave game. Katie said a prayer and lowered the flag - asking to complete their sketch and song next week.
08/03/2018Ambulance/Bartlett's 121 Scouts and 3 Leaders attended the Ambulance Centre in Motherwell and were given a talk by Matt Cooper on all aspects of the Ambulance Service, they were then given a chance to use some of the equipment used by paramedics, followed by seeing the inside workings of an ambulance and finally a Q A. Another 21 Scouts and 2 leaders attended Bartlett's potato factory and were given a talk on their work, shown a video of their international efforts, given a tour of the factory and took part in a Q & A with Sandy.
15/03/2018Ambulance/Bartlett's 219 Scouts and 2 Leaders attended the Ambulance Centre in Motherwell and were given a talk by Matt Cooper on all aspects of the Ambulance Service, they were then given a chance to use some of the equipment used by paramedics, followed by seeing the inside workings of an ambulance and finally a Q A. Another 21 Scouts and 3 leaders attended Bartlett's potato factory and were given a talk on their work, shown a video of their international efforts, given a tour of the factory and took part in a Q & A with Sandy.
22/03/2018St Patrick's Topsy Turvy night34 Scouts and 5 leaders were in attendance. Gold Scout Award ' Apprentices' brought their planned menu for this weekend's camp, plus a programme to follow too. The Scouts all wore their uniforms back to front, odd socks and odd shoes for our Topsy Turvy night. Raven was the duty Patrol.The Scouts played two rounds of Runaround, time-bomb & knock the ball/chocolate off the cone. Six Scouts were successful in simply knocking one chocolate bar off - and received one as a reward. Those who knocked all chocolate and the ball off the cone opted for 20 Points for their Patrols which showed great team-work.Scouts were given letters regarding the Race Night and were reminded of what's needed for this weekend's Spring Camp. Lion were the winners on the night with a massive 125 points.
29/03/2018Bowling at Airdrie
19/04/2018DIY/Mark J's night39 Scouts had to create a DIY torch using an LED (Light Emitting Diode), electrical tape, polystyrene cup; toilet roll, two batteries and earth electrical wire. They played time-bomb and a zombie hunt the Irn Bru game.
26/04/2018Chief Scout ProgrammeElena and Katie took charge for the night as part of their Chief Scout Badge work. 37 Scouts and 3 Leaders were in attendance. They had a game of Chinese football, the chalk game (with pens and paper) and Chinese whispers/charades. Tiger was Duty Patrol.
03/05/2018The Apprentice part 1 38 Scouts and 4 Leaders. Scouts had to start work on their new sweet/chocolate idea, where they had to come up with: their company name; their sweet/chocolate's name; packaging; bus stop advert and think about next week's advertising campaign. They played a game of jump the ring and Hawk was duty patrol. Ross M brought along an electrical circuit he had made which earned his Patrol - Lion - extra points and the win on the night.
10/05/2018The Apprentice part 238 Scouts and 5 leaders were in attendance for the 2nd part of the Apprentice. Hawk was duty Patrol. The Patrols had to produce a 10-second video ad; make a presentation of their product; provide a name for their company and a slogan; as well as create a box for their confectionery. Cobra was the overall winners
17/05/2018Mexican Night33 Scouts and 4 leaders attended Mexican night and a few either dressed up in Mexican costume or brought in Mexican items - including food. Lion were the clear winners by some margin.
24/05/2018Chief Scout Badge WorkCobra was duty Patrol. The District Competition six were taken by Stuart to review maps and compass; the chief scout award participants were taken away to go over their work so far. The remaining Scouts played: Mark J went over AC & DC circuits and got the Patrols to create their own. Time Bomb; Dodge Ball; Electric Shock; & doughnut-to-base games. Cobra and Hawk won.
31/05/2018Sausage sizzle33 Scouts and 5 Leaders. The Competition-bound six were put through their soup-making paces. A variety of games saw Hawk win, Raven was Duty Patrol. BBQ fire was lit and the Scouts got to make smores with bananas, apples and chocolate.
07/06/2018British Rail Visit
14/06/2018Wil's Night33 Scouts and 4 Leaders. Tiger was duty Patrol and Kerry unfurled the flag in Andrew W's absence. The Competition-six were taken by Stuart to practice food prep for Zonal Competition. Scouts attending Kandersteg had their kilt fittings with Gary and Gayle. Several games were played and Hawk thrashed all in their wake. A variety of badges were given out as well as the rail safety Certificate for those who attended Network Rail last week.
21/06/2018Time Capsule

Camps and Events –

Start dateEventsExtra details
15/06/2018Zonal Competition
22/06/2018Group Camp
25/07/2018International Group Camp