Meet the Volunteers

Leadership Team

Mairi Marshall

Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Mairi has been involved in 2nd Coatbridge for a number of year, in 2019 she received her 25 years service award! Mairi started off in the guides, she then started in Scouting as a young leader at age 15 where she has predominately been involved with the Cub section.

Gary Patterson

Group Scout Leader

Gary has been involved in Scouting since a young age. He then took up the role of Scout Leader when he became an adult leader. Gary has been the Group Scout Leader since 2010.

Bruce Hudson

Cub Scout Leader

Bruce has been through the full Scouting journey having started as a Beaver a number of years ago. He took on the role of Cub Scout Leader back in 2013.

Mark Furmage

Scout Leader

Mark started out as Assistant Scout Leader back in 2007. He has been involved in running the Explorer Section, now his main role is Scout Leader.

Lauren Russell

Beaver Scout Leader

Lauren joined the team back in 2017 when she took on the role of Beaver Scout Leader and started our Wednesday night Beaver colony.

LeeAnn Patterson

Beaver Scout Leader

Gayle Campbell

Explorer Scout Leader

Jillian Maxwell

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Alex Ritchie

Assistant Scout Leader

Alex started in Beavers and has worked his way through the sections and has been a leader at the Scouts since 2017.

Clare McIlroy

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Donna McGhee

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Gerda Conlon

Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Gerda joined the leadership team back in 2018, having spent a number of years helping out on the groups fundraising team.

Jamie McGhie

Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Jamie started out as a Beaver a number of years ago. Having been a young leader whilst at Explorers, Jamie then took the role of Assistant Cub Scout Leader back in 2018.

Joseph Beekman

Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Joseph started out in the Cubs, he then worked his way through the sections and was a young leader whilst at Explorers. In 2019 Joseph became an Assistant Cub Scout Leader.

Connor Molloy

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Connor started in the Scouts and then started as a young leader at the Beavers, more recently an adult leader.

Aidan Spalding

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Aidan started in the Cubs and worked is now an adult leader at the Beaver Section.

William Neely

Assistant Explorer Scout Leader

Teighan Murphy

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Jordan Kinnin

Assistant Scout Leader

Executive Committee

Derek Maxwell

Group Chairperson

Derek started out helping on the fundraising committee back in XXXX. Derek then took up the role of Group Chairperson.

Wil McGhie

Group Secretary

Wil has been involved in the group since 2012 when he took on the role of Assistant Scout Leader. More recently Wil took a step back from his role in the Scout Section and is now the Group Secretary.



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